I believe

Living in Alignment is Key to Everything You Want In Life. 

My story really began the moment I finally said no. 

I was not living my life from a place of alignment. 

My plan was to rule the corporate world as a fierce female CEO. During my B.comm I spent a semester in Barcelona learning Spanish, and then worked for a pharmaceutical company in Mexico City. I made the Dean’s List, leaned into my masculine energy to earn my spot at the table—which I did, at giants like Coca-Cola and Shoppers Drug Mart. I earned my MBA, and I was going global.

The constant hustle left me crumbling inside...

While my personal life shattered, entrepreneurship felt like my ticket to freedom, to balance…to ease. So, I added more to my plate and started a side hustle on top of my 9-5. Oh yeah, and motherhood!
My days were still dominated with corporate stress, while my evenings and weekends became consumed with trying to learn social media, dealing with customer relations, and finding new clients. Entrepreneurship felt like anything BUT freedom. I found myself at work thinking about my business, with my business thinking about my son, with my son thinking about work.
My new reality was constant guilt of not feeling good enough at anything. While on paper my success skyrocketed: Corporate executive, check. Top 40 under 40 recipient, check. Successful entrepreneur, check. Happy, not so much. 

My tipping point was when my health started to fail. I needed to change; my son needed me. I started to say “no” to things I truly didn’t want to do. I let go of control.

I didn’t respond to every single email within five minutes. I stopped obsessing over my Instagram feed. I started running again. I always thought if I let go of control, everything would fall apart. But guess what? Nothing did. In fact, that is when I found my power.

I slowly ditched the hustle mindset and focused on what felt aligned for me. I found myself during the process...

 The true me. When I stepped into my power, everything began to flow... even money! Everything I thought would break me, did just the opposite, and I found that running my business and my life from a place of true alignment, positioned me in a place of power with ease.

I truly believe that you, too, are capable of stepping into your power and living your life from a place of ease. 

I am here to help you align with your purpose, gain clarity, and create a life you love.
Let me show you how.

My boys

Xo Amy

B.Comm, MBA, Certified Life Coach






Favorite Hobby



all about


Deep Conversations,
strong coffee,
warm socks, 
helping you find
your superpower


not about

small talk,
late nights,
the word "trying",
that hustle game

Walk inside your story and own it

"You either walk inside YOUR STORY AND OWN IT, or you stand outside your story and HUSTLE FOR YOUR WORTHINESS. 

— Brené Brown


Discover Your Expansion Code

Your expansion code gives clarity + intention, and guides your actions to be supported by the energy. The result? You feel supported in so many aspects of your life and business. 

Clarity – knowing the truth of who you are.
Intention – choosing the life you truly desire.
Action – making decisions from energy alignment.


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