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I help women find their truest self and live a soul-aligned life filled with joy, happiness, and freedom.


I'm Amy.

Everything You Need Is Within You. 

Change takes time. It takes everything in you to be willing to show up and actually do the thing. It’s hard work. But the result; that feeling of being confident, living a life completely aligned with your purpose—that’s just the beginning to happiness, success and true freedom. 


It is really about showing up unapologetically as your biggest self, unobstructed by any ideas of who you think you should be and granting yourself full permission to be who you are. It’s no longer time to be small to fit in. Now is the time to be your biggest expression of your beautiful Self.

It's Time To Shine

I was not living my life from a place of alignment. 

My plan was to rule the corporate world as a fierce female CEO. During my B.comm I spent a semester in Barcelona learning Spanish, and then worked for a pharmaceutical company in Mexico City. I made the Dean’s List, leaned into my masculine energy to earn my spot at the table—which I did, at giants like Coca-Cola and Shoppers Drug Mart. I earned my MBA, and I was going global.


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My story really began the moment I finally said no.

The constant hustle left me crumbling inside. 

You are an entrepreneur to fuel your passion and change lives. Yet, starting and growing a business can feel overwhelming. 

My passion is to help you step into your power, grow a business aligned with your soul and live a life you love.

When you are living in alignment, life brings so much joy.

You have energy, resilience and confidence to put yourself out there. You feel clear and know exactly where you are going. It's time to live the life of your dreams.

I am ready To Shine

Become a Soul-Powered CEO

Step One: Find Your True Life Purpose

Step Two: Grow a Soul-Powered Business


Journal Prompts:
Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

You can’t manifest a life you love, if you do not believe you are worthy of what you want to call in.  It's time to shift your thoughts away from feelings of "not enough" and towards self-worth and confidence, because you are so worthy. 


My work with Amy has been transformative. 

Amy helped me to see that this program is not just about my work: it’s about who I am. I have learned to see myself more congruently—what I do for work, who I am at home, and how I walk my life out has gained so much clarity in this process. 

Working with Amy is a sure way to create make your dreams come true!

- Trixie


Live A Life of True Alignment.

You Got This