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You are an entrepreneur with a purpose: To change lives. You’ve put your heart into creating a course that can do just that. Now, you want your gift to create a ripple effect of positivity with maximum impact.

How do you do that without sinking money into advertising and marketing, or precious time finding your ideal clients instead of focused on your business?  

Imagine growing your business with dream customers easily and authentically. That is the power of aligned partnerships. Let me show you how to save time and money while I help you make more of it. 


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I started building a social media following, when I founded MOGA®, a yoga studio for moms, which I later franchised. Course creators and coaches with heart-centered businesses began reaching out wanting me to promote their programs. 

Over the years, I've found there are two ways of running affiliate programs. 

The first requires the affiliate to create all of their own marketing assets including images, messaging and links. As you can imagine, this leaves your affiliates feeling overwhelmed.

The second way is to leverage an affiliate manager. With an affiliate manager on your team, all of your branding graphics, messaging and links are created for your affiliates, ensuring each post accurately reflects your brand. Your affiliate manager acts as a business coach providing email templates and effective responses to objections.

As an affiliate, that was my experience exactly. I found that when I wasn't working with an affiliate manager, I got overwhelmed and just stopped promoting the programs. BUT with an affiliate manager, I was set up for success. Posting was so easy and I always ranked in the top 3 affiliates bringing quality courses to my audience, cash flow to my business and building long-term relationships with aligned course creators. 

That's why I've invested in learning from the best. (I can't name names, but think people representing the world's most popular course creators.) I fully believe that heart-centered entrepreneurs that I serve deserve to be successful and so do their affiliates. 


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My story really began the moment I finally said no.

It's Time To Launch Aligned Partnerships

"You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness."

Brené Brown 

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