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I am here to help you ditch the hustle and become your most happy, financially abundant self.


I'm Amy.

If you're ready to Shine, you're in the right place. 


Change takes time. It takes everything in you to be willing to show up and actually do the thing. It’s hard work. But the result; that confidence that comes from loving yourself and what you’re doing—that’s just the beginning to happiness, success and true freedom.

Become your energetically-biggest, intuitively-guided, aligned and empowered self.

It's Time To Shine

Live a life you love

I was not living my life from a place of alignment. 

My plan was to rule the corporate world as a fierce female CEO. During my B.comm I spent a semester in Barcelona learning Spanish, and then worked for a pharmaceutical company in Mexico City. I made the Dean’s List, leaned into my masculine energy to earn my spot at the table—which I did, at giants like Coca-Cola and Shoppers Drug Mart. I earned my MBA, and I was going global.


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My story really began the moment I finally said no.

The constant hustle left me crumbling inside. 

Step One: Know Your Worth

It’s time for you to ignite your intuition, step into your power and grow a financially successful business. 

Step 2: Grow Your Business 

The Soul Powered CEO

Ditch The Hustle & 

Maybe you’re overwhelmed, maybe you’ve lost sight of what is that you really want. Everything you need is within you. It's time to step into your power and shine.

Yes, I am Ready!

I am Ready


It's Time To Step Into Your Power.

The World

People who love themselves and challenge the constructs that tell us we are not enough are radical change- makers and true visionaries.

It’s time to start stepping into your power. The world needs you, exactly as you are. I am here to help you become your most successful, powerful self.

I am Ready TO SHINE →

Needs You.


Journal Prompts:
Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

You can’t manifest anything if you do not believe you are worthy of what you want to call in. This isn’t about always feeling happy, or “good vibes only”, that isn’t realistic. This is about shifting your thoughts away from feelings of "not enough" and towards self- worth and confidence, because you are so worthy. 


My work with Amy has been transformative. 

Amy helped me to see that this program is not just about my work: it’s about who I am. I have learned to see myself more congruently—what I do for work, who I am at home, and how I walk my life out has gained so much clarity in this process. 

Working with Amy is a sure way to create make your dreams come true!

- Trixie


Live A Life of True Freedom.

You Got This


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